The USA Affiliate
of the
International Play Association


IPA/USA Mini Grants

The USA affiliate of the International Play Association is pleased to announce it will make mini-grants of up to $250 to play practitioners in the United States beginning June 1st, 2018. You must be a member to apply.


• To promote advocacy for play by providing funds for those who work for or with children to: Promote play through advocacy efforts
• Create local play days at community based locations
• Develop play based advocacy tools to share with families
• Purchase playful materials to reintroduce learning centers into primary grade classrooms
• Purchase materials to inspire play

The purpose of the mini grant is to promote play as the primary learning mode for children and to reintroduce play into the community and to advocate with families and the community on the importance of play.


• Eligible applicants include play practitioners who are members of IPA/USA.
• Grants of up to $250 are awarded year-round. There is no deadline to apply. Requests will be accepted or denied within 90 days of receipt.
• Funds may only be used for the purpose(s) identified on the proposal.
• Grant awardees must submit a final report that documents the use of funds within 30 days of the completed project.
• Grants are awarded based on need and impact.

Application requirements:

The applications should not exceed two pages in length and must include the following information in the order listed.

• Date of request
• Contact information, including name, address, email, and phone number
• Name/Title of Project
• Description of need
• Description of how the money will be used to address the need
• The number of children or who will be impacted by the grant
• How will the success of the project be assessed
• Total project budget and timeline for implementation

In addition to the one-page application, the following addendums (maximum 3 pages) are requested.

• A short bio of the person requesting and/or implementing the project.
• A copy of your business license, tax-exemption letter, teaching credential or other documents that demonstrate your work in the field of play.
• Additional information about your organization or project as appropriate.

Applications are accepted via email only to LaDonna Atkins. To recieve her email, please reach out first via our contact page. Requests will be accepted or denied within 60 days of receipt.