The USA Affiliate
of the
International Play Association


If you believe that:

• Play, along with the basic needs of nutrition, health, shelter and education, is vital for the development of the potential of all children;
• Family participation needs to be strengthened by support systems such as play leadership;
• Environments and programs to meet children's real needs should be created.

If you are concerned that:

• Society is indifferent to the importance of play;
• The scale of litigation is increasing and impacting the availability of children's play environments;
• Children are neglected in environmental planning; then,

Join our interdisciplinary organization and become an active participant with both the national and International Association for the Child's Right to Play.

IPA/USA member groups hold conferences, arrange study tours, host international visitors, form advocacy committees and undertake projects relating to national and international issues.

IPA members receive:

• The IPA magazine, PlayRights.
• The IPA online journal.
• Reduced rates at IPA conferences, workshops, and study tours.
• Access to a multidisciplinary network of people, IPA publications, media productions and discounts on books stocked by IPA.
• The IPA/USA Online Quarterly.
• The IPA/USA Play Blast.
• An invitation to IPA/USA biannual board meetings.

When you join IPA, you automatically become a member of IPA/USA.