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What is Play?

• Children are the foundation of the world's future.

• Children have played at all times throughout history and in all cultures.

• Play, along with the basic needs of nutrition, health, shelter and education, is vital to develop the potential of all children.

• Play is communication and expression, combining thought and action; it gives satisfaction and a feeling of achievement.

• Play is instinctive, voluntary, and spontaneous.

• Play helps children develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

• Play is a means of learning to live, not a mere passing of time.

What is a PlayDay?

A PlayDay is fun! It is a day designed to draw attention to a range and diversity of play activities. A PlayDay will encompass everything from massive park events for thousands of children and adults to small picnics for little ones.

It is an opportunity for children, schools, day cares, individuals, families, or communities to share in physical and mental challenges without the pressure of winning or losing the game. The point of a PlayDay is to play for the sake of playing, to challenge each individual, and to share in the joy of discovery and interaction.

Adults and many children have had the simple pleasures of play taken away by competitive and team sports. A PlayDay will offer a chance to go back to the times when one played just to play.

A PlayDay provides opportunities to exercise the mind as well as the body. Games and activities challenge individuals to use their imagination to create new ways to play each game.

Even though some games and activities have rules, the rules are often modified or altered for the benefit of each group that is playing. A PlayDay offers games and activities for toddlers to grandparents, and all ages in between. Some games can be played by all ages, while others should only be played by specific age groups.

Play is the important element of the PlayDay. It requires little more than an imagination and can continue until everyone is too tired to move. Every play event is successful in its own way.

PlayDays can take on many dimensions depending on the other events that are scheduled. If the day is planned totally around the PlayDay a wide variety of activities can be offered for different size groups.

If the PlayDay is a part of a larger event such as a Kidfest, Art Fair, Octoberfest, Springfest, or other community event, the games and activities will vary with the flow of the crowd and the specific mix of people. It is important to keep this factor in mind when planning the games and activities and the number of available play leaders, volunteers, or referees that will be needed.

Click the following link to open the PlayDay booklet:

How to Plan, Organize & Implement a PlayDay