Recommended by Deb Lawrence, the following books by Free Spirit Press. Available from Free Spirit Press or

  • Jamie and Bubbie by Afsaneh Moradian and Maria Bogade, $12.99.
    Jamie teaches respectful use of personal pronouns in this lighthearted, multigenerational story.
  • Lulu and the Hunger Monster. By Erik Talkin and Sheryl Murray. $14.99.
    Lulu’s story personalizes the struggles of children experiencing food insecurity and hunger.
  • Nobody! By Erin Frankel and Paula Heaphy, $9.99
    Boys learn to deal with persistent bullying, overcome insecurities, and express feelings without hurting others.
  • Dare! By Erin Frankel and Paula Heaphy, $9.99
    When Jayla first witnesses her friend being bullied, she is too scared to stand up for her friend, but soon she finds the courage to do what’s right.
  • Weird! By Erin Frankel and Paula Heaphy, $9.99
    Colorful, polka-dotted Luisa changes everything about herself to avoid being bullied and learns a valuable lesson in the process.
  • Accept and value each person. Cheri J. Meiners and Meredith Johnson, $11.99.
    Introduce kids to diversity, respecting differences, being inclusive, and appreciating people the way they are.

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