May 11, 2021 Town Hall – Technology and the NAEYC DAP

IPA Town Hall - Technology and the new NAEYC DAP

In the 21st Century, technology is here to stay, but how we use it can turn it into a weapon that diminishes the role of play in young children's lives. This Town Hall discussed this issue, highlighted the appropriate uses of technology, and include a conversation of the recently revised NAEYC Position Statement on Developmentally Appropriate Practice and the changes to the Principles of Child Development.

We welcome your feedback to the video and handouts below, and would love your support as we work to balance the role of technology and advocate for play in Early Childhood Education. Email us here with your feedback.


Recording - "Every Tool Is A Weapon If You Hold It Right"

Handouts and Reference Materials

A copy of the presentation, and resources referenced throughout and sent to registrants before the session, can be found below. All documents are PDFs.

Have questions or comments about them? Please feel free to contact us - email us here.

Discussion Group Feedback

While we weren't able to record the individual breakout rooms, volunteers in each room took notes on a shared Google doc that was then discussed as a whole. The notes from these discussions can be found below.

Please feel free to submit any additional feedback you have to the questions posed to IPAUSA President Debra Lawrence here. Your voice is very important on this matter!