What We Do

IPA-USA carries forth the mission of its parent organization, IPA World. To accomplish the Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles, IPA-USA does the following:

  • Advocates for the ratification by the USA on the Convention of the Rights of the Child
  • Acts as a resource for other national and international organizations and UN agencies by providing consultations, speakers, and serving on committees
  • Increases awareness on the importance of play across the lifespan, infant, toddler, preschool, primary, middle, secondary, post-secondary, adult play
  • Produces Porch Play Chats, conversations with play experts on a variety of play-related topics.
  • Developed a Play Quiz in partnership with the Genius for Play to help parents and families assess the amount of time their young child has to play
  • Published the Children in Crisis document In conjunction with the UNICEF Emergency Task Force, This document provides activities that support those working with children during a crisis.
  • Hosts the IPA USA BLOG “PLAY TALK” to discuss current events, such as public schools eliminating recess, news articles, and questions regarding playful learning.
  • Promotes Trees over Screens by selling t-shirts to support limiting screen time
  • Recruits and supports State Play Advocates to promote Playdays in communities. (Members Only)
  • Published a Play Day Tool Kit (Members Only)
  • Publishes Policy Briefs on a variety of topics as tools for advocacy to states and local communities. (Members Only)
  • Provides training and conferences to advocate, support, and educate about issues regarding play. 
  • Produces and publishes the IPA-USA E-journal to connect research and practice that support play. (Members Only)
  • Publishes a Quarterly Play Blast – with recent news, upcoming conferences, and updates (Members Only)
  • Offers mini-grants to IPA USA members who are offering professional development conferences with the theme of promoting play, doing playdays, or conducting parent workshops on the importance of play. (Members Only)
  • Opportunities to be featured in a Porch Play Chats