a small cartoon girl with glasses plays with a dinosaur. the text reads The Genius of Play Play All May

IPAUSA invites you to join the Genius of Play in celebrating PLAY ALL MAY!

The Genius of Play has created this event and provided many resources for those interested in promoting more opportunities for playful learning. Play All May is a month-long celebration of play championed by The Genius of Play, an initiative by The Toy Association.

The main goal of the celebration is to draw attention of the media and general public, especially parents, to the importance and benefits of play for child development. “Play All May”. Why Do We Need a Special Celebration of Play?

Play is absolutely critical to healthy child development. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a clinical report asking pediatricians to write kids “prescription for play”. We will keep the momentum going by spearheading the first-ever month of play – because play IS serious and deserves to be celebrated! There are several ways to join the celebration and show your support for play:

• Share the new Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign, produced especially to kick off the month-long celebration of play. Campaign videos are available for download on The Genius of Play Assets page.
• Download “Play All May” branded assets and our “31 play inspiration ideas” from the Assets page to use in your social media posts during May. Please tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use #GeniusofPlay.
• Link to “Play All May” official celebration page from your website and social media posts.

Play All May Flyer

Thank You for Your Support!

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