IPA Playrights Magazine and Play in Crisis for Parents and Carers


The International Play Association has just published the Play in Crisis for Educators and Carers.  This resource demonstrates how important play is in children’s’ lives and provides strategies for how to infuse play throughout the child’s day and tips for responding to children’s play.

You can find the resource at https://ipaworld.org/resources/for-parents-and-carers-play-in-crisis/#:~:text=There%20is%20a%20heightened%20need,for%20Parents%20and%20Carers%20resources.&text=


Additionally, in the recent IPA Playrights Magazine, available to members, you can find indepth articles on the following topics.

What Role Does Design Have in Play?

Adventure Playgrounds: A Guide for Beginners

Destination Playgrounds With Magic

A Border Wall in Pink

The Yard on Governors Island

Playthings: Loose Parts in Good Times and Bad

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