Why Kids Need to Play in Nature: A Guide

Visit the website below for statistics on why forest and outdoor learning experiences are needed for healthy development. 50 ways forest and outdoor learning experiences benefit child development: https://www.forestholidays.co.uk/outdoor-education-and-child-development-guide/ Our piece covers a few essential things: Statistics on how much outdoor experiences help children learn. The important skills like confidence and responsibility that kids learn by being outdoors. How outdoor…

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Play Experience with Dr. Walter Drew

 Play Experience #9 is happening this Saturday October 30, 12:00pm EST.  COME spend a little time in the virtual play space, a safe, relaxing state of being in which you experience enjoyment, focus, creative contemplations, and self discovery. Be sure to bring some play materials that you would like to explore, arrange, and share the story…

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Porch Play Chats Recruitment and Article

International Play-Based Learning Community Gathering For Weekly Porch Play Chats. Read this article. https://beingmakers.org/international-play-based…/ Here is an article about our Porch Play Chats. We are currently recruiting for our October Porch Play Chat series. If you are an advocate for Play and would like to participate in a Porch Play Chat, email Deb at ipausa2019…

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Membership Benefit Summer 2021 Quarterly Play Blast is in the Membership Benefits and in your Email. View the Spring 2021 Quarterly Play Blast and Join IPA USA to receive this valuable benefit.

The IPA USA Quarterly Play Blast is the IPA USA’s Board way of keeping you up to date on the organization, new events and happenings, and opportunities to become involved in  our work. The Quarterly Play Blast is just one of the valuable  membership benefit, join us and stay in the loop. Play Blast Spring…

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