Porch Play Chats are conversations with experts regarding topics related to play. Sponsored by the American Association for Promoting the Child’s Right to Play or more affectionately known as IPA USA, these Porch Play Chats bring nuggets of information to help you incorporate more play into children’s day. To learn more about IPA USA, visit our website at IPAUSA.org. This Porch Play Chat features Ross Thompson, on Figuring out ways to say yes to big-body/rough-and-play/risky-play — “It doesn’t mean Wrestlemania on Monday morning.” Ross is a long time advocate for play an avid Dungeons and Dragons player, the co host of of the podcast “Teaching With The Body In Mind” You can contact Ross at [email protected]

Ross has provided a wealth of resources on why this type of play is critical for children.

Resources for teachers (and parents) to start saying “Yes!” to big-body, rough-and-tumble, and risky play:

1) Our podcast Teaching With The Body In Mind covers this topic many-times-over with a number conversations
Find it on itunes or following link to the podcast HERE
3) Frances Carlson’s book Big Body Play
From the NAEYC website
From the Amazon website (in case people have trouble getting into the NAEYC store)
4) Heather Schumaker’s book It’s OK to Go Up the Slide
There are also a multitude of articles published so here are just a few:
– https://partnershipsforearlylearners.org/2019/05/09/rough-and-tumble-play/

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