IPA USA Town Hall “Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right”: The role of technology in the early childhood classroom and a conversation of the changes to the NAEYC Principles of Child Development.

On May 11, 2021, IPA USA hosted a Town Hall. I invite you to view the Town Hall and continue the conversation by responding to the questions within the Town Hall resources.

The American Association for Promoting the Child’s Right to Play, IPA USA, invites you to a Town Hall Virtual Meeting. In the song My IQ by Ani Difranco, one of the song’s lines resonated with me and became the title of our Town Hall to highlight IPA USA’s concern with the overuse of technology with, and by, young children in birth through grade 3 classrooms. In the 21st Century, technology is here to stay, but how we use it can turn it into a weapon that diminishes the role of play in young children’s lives.

Click here to access the Town Hall video, handouts, etc.