Oklahoma Passes the Play to Learn Act Signed into Law

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In a press release by Representative Jacob Rosecrants from Oklahoma, the following announcement was made.  Congratulations Oklahoma on making play a part of each child’s day.

HB 1569 – read the bill here.

Play to Learn Act Signed Into Law

OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislation to increase learning opportunities for children and to help retain early childhood teachers was signed into law Tuesday.

The Oklahoma Play to Learn Act (HB1569), authored by Rep. Jacob Rosecrants, D-Norman, declares the Legislature’s intent to focus on the importance of child-centered, play-based learning as the most developmentally appropriate way for young children to learn.

“Play is the work of childhood,” Rosecrants said. “That’s the core principle behind the Oklahoma Play to Learn Act. By allowing early childhood educators to teach using play-based learning techniques, we can improve the quality of classroom time, which is ultimately good for everyone.”

The measure also authorizes educators to create learning environments that promote movement, creative expression, exploration, socialization, and reading for pleasure, among other things.

Additionally, HB1569 allows school districts to provide ongoing early childhood professional development for teachers and administrators, which may include existing State Department of Education professional development programs. Lastly, the measure prohibits a school district from preventing a teacher from utilizing play-based learning in early childhood education, which will empower early childhood educators to teach children the way they were taught to teach.

Educators, students, legislators, and other advocates were part of the bipartisan coalition to get this legislation to the governor’s desk and signed into law.

“The group of people who worked on this legislation showed that when we focus on Oklahoma, we can improve the lives of our citizens,” Rosecrants said. “This is a great win for the education community, and I am super appreciative of the people who helped make this happen.”