Why Kids Need to Play in Nature: A Guide

Visit the website below for statistics on why forest and outdoor learning experiences are needed for healthy development.

50 ways forest and outdoor learning experiences benefit child development: https://www.forestholidays.co.uk/outdoor-education-and-child-development-guide/

Our piece covers a few essential things:

  • Statistics on how much outdoor experiences help children learn.

  • The important skills like confidence and responsibility that kids learn by being outdoors.

  • How outdoor activities help young students in developing social and exercise-related routines.

We give parents and educators some interesting insights such as:

  • 93% of schools believe outdoor learning improves children’s social skills.

  • Parks, fields, and playgrounds are the most popular outdoor learning venues among 76% of kids.

  • Even teachers benefit from outdoor learning as 79% of them say it has informed their teaching methods.