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A Research-Based Case for Recess: 2019 Update

Recess in Elementary School: What Does the Research Say? ERIC Digest by Jarrett, Olga S.

The Value of School Recess and Outdoor Play

Recess and the Importance of Play: A Position Statement on Young Children and Recess
National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education

Recess And Social Development by Tom Jambor

"Elementary School Recess: Then and Now ... A complete history of elementary school" by Rhonda Clements and Olga Jarrett

Back to School -- Recess and P.E. Critical to Success

The South Carolina Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity School Recess Resources PDF

The Role of Recess in Children's Cognitive Performance and School Adjustment

Out of play: Florida schoolkids can name the presidents, speak foreign languages and studiously practice the FCAT. But they don't know what recess is.

Development experts say children suffer due to lack of unstructured fun

"How Recess Promotes Focus for ADHD Children" by Larry Silver, M.D. 

TEAM Nutrition: Local Wellness Policy

"Schools bring back longer lunch and recess, see gains" By Elizabeth Duffrin 

"Recess backlash: Parents say it pays to play" By Kris Axtman: Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Nutritionists say scheduling recess before lunch is best for students, schools
October 01, 2003 by Carol Schmidt

"A Plan for Playground Games" by Emily Graham

Peaceful Playgrounds

The Middle of the Day by Gail Healy

Rescuing Recess by Carleton Kendrick Ed.M., LCSW: Who are these grinches who want to eliminate school recess?

"Recess Provides Cognitive, Social and Psychomotor Opportunities for Growth" by Yojani Fatima Hernández