In an article released on August 25th in the Philadelphia Inquirer, doctors shared tips for making decisions around school.  The link to the article is here.

Toward the end of the article, the doctors discussed the importance of a establishing a consistent routine and ensuring kids have frequent breaks throughout the day.  IPA USA recommends these frequent breaks are active breaks, away from technology if possible. Have your children run around the yard, play basketball, build something with legos or other hands on materials, provide art supplies, go for a walk, or any other safe active playful experience.  Since all development is interrelated and interdependent, ensuring your children or the children in your classroom have opportunities to be socially interactive, have their emotional needs met through nurturing and responsive adults, and are physically active, paying attention to these domains of development will help them stay focused on learning.

Establish a routine for virtual learning

Families that opt for virtual learning should try to establish a schedule that resembles an average school day: Wake up, get dressed, and eat breakfast at the same time every day. Dedicate a space in your home for school or use headphones to keep kids focused. Making sure your at-home school schedule includes regular breaks, including lunch and outdoor playtime, will help kids burn off energy and stay focused on their lessons.

Make Play a Part of Your Day!

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