National Geographic – Why your kid should be playing right now.

In this article Rebecca Renner interviews Katie Raspa, “People kind of forget that children are supposed to play,” Raspa says. “It helps them learn really critical skills like creativity, flexibility, and cooperation.” Raspa continues, ” Why kids need to play To read the whole article, view the link below. With most playdates limited and…

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IPA Playrights Magazine and Play in Crisis for Parents and Carers

  The International Play Association has just published the Play in Crisis for Educators and Carers.  This resource demonstrates how important play is in children’s’ lives and provides strategies for how to infuse play throughout the child’s day and tips for responding to children’s play. You can find the resource at,for%20Parents%20and%20Carers%20resources.&text= During%20times%20of%20crisis%2C%20play,sense%20of%20normality%20and%20joy. Additionally, in…

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Kids need breaks during virtual school according to The Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia

In an article released on August 25th in the Philadelphia Inquirer, doctors shared tips for making decisions around school.  The link to the article is here. Toward the end of the article, the doctors discussed the importance of a establishing a consistent routine and ensuring kids have frequent breaks throughout the day.  IPA USA…

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